Student's Council Student Council & Four Houses

RBSQS Student Council consists of

  • School Pupil Leader
  • Assistant School Pupil Leader
  • Cultural Secretary
  • Sports Secretary
  • Four House Captains
  • Four House Vice Captains

As nature is an integral part of our humanity, our school students are grouped under the names of 4 famous trees: Banyan, Oak, Olive and Peepal.

  • Banyan tree, the national tree of India is meant to symbolize unity and eternal life. The motto of this house is : STRENGTH AND STABILITY
  • Oak tree is a symbol of strength and endurance. The motto of Oak house is: VIRTUE AND WISDOM.
  • Olive has been the symbol of power and glory. The motto is PEACE and FRIENDSHIP.
  • Peepal tree signifies wisdom and fortune. Its motto is: PURITY AND PROSPERITY.