Clubs at schools enhance learning through interaction and discussion. Every activity carried out by the club will encourage students to cultivate a different perception of life. Students get an opportunity to showcase and groom their talents. Activities conducted in schools not only benefit in shaping their interests and hobbies but also develop their leadership and social skills.

The aim of Reserve bank staff quareters School, Besant Nagar is to offer holistic education by balancing academics with extracurricular activities. Our syllabus is planned to make learning less stressful for the students without compromising quality. That’s why our schools build various clubs that cater to various interests. We at RBSQS believe in the importance of club activities for students because of the below-mentioned reasons:


A language club allows Fun and enjoyment. The club will allow students to practice language through watching movies, playing language games, staging drama and a lot more entertaining activities.


The Purpose of the Math Club is to develop students' level of Math skills and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles.


These clubs provide an opportunity for individuals to learn about different scientific disciplines, conduct experiments, and participate in various scientific activities. By joining a science club, students can enhance their scientific knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate a passion for science.


By joining a social club, you gain access to these special events, allowing you to enjoy unique experiences and create lasting memories. These events often provide opportunities for members to socialize, network, and engage in activities they are passionate about, enriching their overall club experience.


The meaning of an eco club in a group who works to contribute to improving environmental conditions. They offer programs and activities to encourage others to reduce pollution, plant trees, and more.


Disaster Management Club aims to o empower the young student generation with skills to meet the crisis arising out of Natural and Manmade disasters as well as impart knowledge about disasters & safety measures / preparedness amongst the students to instill the values and render volunteer services in an emergency.